Welcome to Our Cyber Kennels!
~Informative Information~
Owner/Breeder: April A.
Cullman, AL
~About Us~
I would like to start by telling you about myself and how it all started. My name is April and I am the owner/breeder here at Argo's Kennels. I was raised with animals all my life and came from a long line of animal lovers. As a matter of a fact I have family who are also breeders. (Rhodesian Ridgebacks).
I always wanted to have a job working with animals, so I took a career course in Animal Health Technology, and earned a degree, but over the years after building websites and receiving the website award, I decided to take my career path in a different direction. I have since earned an Associate's Degree in the IT Technology - Web Design.
My aunt Willma gave me my first pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier puppy back in 1996.
In 1997 Chance had a beautiful litter of 3 puppies and I fell in love with a solid white male pup that I called Ozzy. They started it all for me.
I later started showing in conformation shows.
Things were going wonderfully for the first several years.
Things later took a turn for the worst when my life had major changes. I was not given a choice but to stop raising my dogs until after I married my wonderful husband in 2003.
After a couple of years I talked with him about getting back into raising dogs.
Due to the lack of space and the large challenge raising pit bulls I decided to go with a smaller breed of which after several months of research; I finally settled on the Boston Terrier.
Boston Terriers are one of the bulldog breeds, but absolutely adore to be around people which makes them a wonderful family pet. They do have bad habits such as snoring, farting, and can be hard headed. They are small and compact with a sleek muscular body and have extremely strong jaws. They do not require much exercise; yet are tough little dogs that are rough; tough; and tumble.They love the attention of their human companions, and would just assume laying around to get petted while you sit and watch television on the couch. They are very flexible and would also love a run around the yard, or to play fetch or tug of war. They love people and get along with other pets.
I am now located in North Central Alabama in Cullman, AL.

What We Breed For!
Our Boston terriers are bred for structure, soundness, health, and temperament.
We Breed for the Betterment of the Boston terrier Breed by breeding to Standard while looking for the next show prospect.
We are actively health testing to help eradicate any health issue associated with the Boston terrier breed.
We are currently restructuring our breeding program, placed those that were not bred according to the BTCA standard on strict spay/neuter contracts; and have started over with Show quality Boston terriers that we are currently showing in AKC conformation events.

Links On the Boston Terrier
  1. The Boston Terrier Club of America
  2. The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Boston Terrier and All About It, by Edward Axtell
  3. Popular Dogs of the Day ~ The Boston Terrier, by J. Varnum Mott, M.D.

I am a breeder of AKC Boston Terriers
Any Puppies sold under spay/neuter contract will not have paperwork released until contract has been fulfilled.