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~Argo's Kennels Policies~
Owner/Breeder: April A.
Cullman, AL
What's involved in purchasing a puppy from Argo's Kennels Bostons?
For Pet Puppies:
These puppies are required to be spayed or neutered and come with Limited AKC or CKC registration. This means the dog cannot be bred or shown, and any paperwork will be held until proof of spay or neuter. we breed for Quality, Health, and Temperament, and have recently began being more interested in showing standard Boston terriers.
If you are purchasing a puppy that is registered with the CKC which will be a rare occasion, The puppies will not be eligible for Full Registration or Breeding Rights and any dog Registered with this registry will be required to be spayed/neutered with no exception.
Show & Breeding Prospects:
We no longer sell what we feel is pet quality to be bred.
It's very hard to breed quality Boston Terriers.
We are requiring any puppies that are sold under full contract with breeding rights to be co-owned until they have finished their championship and our contract has been fulfilled.
Each show prospect is carefully selected based on their positive qualities and how closely they represent the breed. Due to unforeseen changes that can occur while maturing, Argo's Kennels Bostons cannot guarantee the puppy's success as a show prospect. In most cases, a show prospect will require a co-ownership until the puppy has attained their CH title and cannot be bred until this requirement has been fulfilled. Once the dog has earned their title, The first breeding is to be bred to a dog of MY choosing, and I {April Argo} am due first {1st} choice of the first {1st} litter. I will make my choice no later than age eight {8} weeks.
Delivery of AKC registration papers and transfer of ownership releases the buyer from the obligations agreed upon.
Should the puppy not mature as expected and is no longer a show/breeding prospect, seller/breeder has the option to negotiate a reasonable solution such as, but not limited to, signing over co-ownership and dropping the title requirement, a discount on a puppy from a future litter that may be a better prospect for show, etc. If the puppy is deemed pet quality at maturity, the puppy is required to be spayed or neutered.
Argo's Kennels Bostons is not required to offer a resolution under this contract due to the unforeseen nature of purchasing a show prospect, however feels a buyer should receive what they expected and would like to leave this option for negotiation open and encourage the buyer to keep in communication with the breeder regarding any issues in this area.
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