Message for Breeders!

Please Read Before Inquiring About Full Registration!

Any Boston Terrier from Argo's Kennels purchased with full registration to breed should be looked upon as a privilege to own. Breeders entrusted to carry on our lines will be very few and far between. For that reason I have added the stipulation that should you decide for any reason to re-home a Boston Terrier purchased (or in any way obtained) from us, at anytime in that dogs life, one of two options MUST be adhered to without exception:

1. The intact dog MUST be shipped back to the breeder at the owner's / buyer's expense with no refund of the purchase price

2. The dog must be altered (spayed or neutered) THEN placed in a pet home that is approved BY THIS breeder.

Breeding is hard work and comes with countless hours and many sleepless nights. It should never be taken lightly. Breeding programs should be well thought out and developed PRIOR to bringing in a new family member, please take that into consideration before deciding to purchase one of our dogs for breeding.

We take pride in each and every puppy that we breed here at Argo's Kennels, and because we put so much time, effort, and money into our dogs they will be priced accordingly. If you choose a puppy as a breeder please expect to pay an additional $300.00 on top of the original pet price of the puppy. This $300.00 will cover the additional health coverage that is not covered under the regular Health Guarantee as well as that puppy's Registration and a copy of any and all health tests done through parentage at the time of sale. We will ALSO hold papers to puppies that are not sold as breeders until proof of spay/neuter.