Testamonials (Still Under Construction)

Rhonda Freeman

For anyone considering a new addition to the family, we would encourage prospective buyers to contact Argo Kennels prior to purchasing. April will discloses everything one would expect for a reputable breeder. We were searching for local breeders when we lost our 8 yr old female Boston, Bella, to a snake bite. We were pleased to find a reputable breeder within a 150 mile radius of our home. We fell in love with our baby girl, Brigette Bug (BB) even before we picked her up. April provided lots of photos while we waited for our pick-up day. Life would be so bring without our BB. Argo Kennels has earned our business and friendship.
*Rhonda Freeman

Michelle Dykes

Wonderful adoption experience. We just picked up Oracle, renamed her Remmy, and April had set us up with a wonderful puppy package that even included a thumb drive full of pictures of our puppy and her parents. She really went above and beyond to make this a fantastic experience. Thank you, April!!

Kandy Roberts Gonzolez

April is a true professional of the dog breeders business. She is customer service oriented, she's constantly communicating with and letting you know what's going on. April goes above and beyond to insure customer satisfaction. We would definitely recommend Argos Kennels to anyone seriously looking for the special pet.

Patti Putt

You couldn't ask for a more professional breeder to adopt one of these sweet babies from. She's very meticulous and keeps her kennels and home nice and clean for them. It's nice to be able to adopt from a knowledgeable breeder who can pass on tips and let you know what to expect. She takes you out to meet the parents and sends you off with a puppy care kit and tops it off with a flash drive that has pics of your baby and his parents along with their papers. You can tell she truly loves what she does. Thank you April!!

Angela G. Tate Johnson

Have a Boston I adopted from April. She is very healthy and such a great puppy. Plan on getting another one.

Janet & Craig

We were blessed to find sweet Wally at Christmas time. Frankie needed a brother so we began our search and found Argo Kennels. We were fortunate to meet April who couldn't have been kinder or more accommodating. We will definitely refer all our friends to her. Thanks April for making our family complete! Janet and Craig, Hoover, AL

Julie Lance

I bought my Boston Terrier, Roxie, from Argo's Kennels in June of 2012. The Boston that I had, Duke, suddenly passed away, and I am one of those Boston lovers that cannot be without one of these dogs. I was not trying to replace Duke, so I decided to look for a girl. When I came across the Argo's Kennels website, I was hooked. A litter of puppies was posted with the sweetest pictures. These pups were from parents that were both "red" in color. All of these babies were a beautiful mahogany color - a non-traditional color I had never thought about before. I was hesitant at first to consider purchasing a dog sight unseen, but my interactions with April put any reservations I had to rest. Once I decided to purchase my dog, April remained in contact with me to let me know how she was doing and when she would be ready to leave her mom. It was comforting to me to know that the well being of these puppies came first - April was not going to hurry the process and wanted to make sure that a healthy puppy was given to me. When I went to pick Roxie up, I was able to meet her parents, which was important to me. I found that the dogs at Argo's were well cared for with sweet temperaments. The logistical paperwork (immunization records, breeding information) was easy to get through. I have not been disappointed in any way with the dog I purchased. Roxie has been healthy since the day I got her, and her temperament is very kind and loving. She is a people dog, and gets along well with my children - and my cat! I periodically send April pictures of Roxie so that she can see how she is doing, and she is always quick to respond back with an email thanking me for keeping her posted. Without a doubt, the next time I am in the market for a Boston Terrier, I will contact Argo's Kennels.
*Julie Lance

Kristie Tillman Ham

April is such a good Boston breeder. She sold me my first Boston Terrier and we love her so much! April has given me so much advice and she is really helpful during the whole adoption process. We will definitely buy our next one from Argo's Kennels!

Tami Jones

Having known April since she was a young girl, I know first hand of her love and passion for all animals, especially her dogs. Argos kennels is run professional ly and with love. The facilities were build with the comfort, saftey, and health of her precious puppies in mind. April views each new puppy as a family member and works diligently to ensure each puppy is healthy, happy and placed in the proper forever home

Joel Williams

We have female Boston terrier from Argo's and she is beautiful and the picture of health. We couldn't be happier with her. And visited the kennel and observed some very happy healthy dogs. Also, the owner is very very concerned with the well being if her pups. Great experience, and I would definitely recommend this kennel.